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About us

Who we are

Why choose Redroo Offroad for your outdoor 4WD vehicle needs? Because the products we select and manufacture are the highest quality and best bang for buck, and because we will not be unbeaten in quality and value.

As 4WD offroad enthusiasts, we have decades of 4WDriving and 4x4 experience, so we’ve aligned ourselves with manufacturers that we have trusted for our adventures over many years. But in some areas, we have manufactured our own products as we've seen how to improve what's already on the market.  Our brands are uniquely Australian in design, manufacture and assembly, offering excellence in quality, reliability and support.

We’ll bend over backwards to give you the best experience possible

When you shop with us, whether it be online or in-store, your purchase is handled by a dedicated team of professionals. Our team, has decades of experience in customer care, and we’ll bend over backwards to give you the best gear at the best prices. 

Our location

Redroo Offroad, one of Melbourne’s largest 4WD winch and off-road outfitters, is located at 2 Merrindale Drive Croydon South in Melbourne Victoria.

Custom ute trays and canopies

We also supply and fit custom ute trays for every ute model sold in Australia, and provide a wide range of canopies and accessories to suit, including exhaust systems and engine performance power chips.

Where we started

Redroo Offroad was founded by RedRoo Shocks, or “Roboshocks” as they were previously known, a high-performance shock manufacturer for the Australian off road racing market.

Passionate owner drivers love our products

Following the initial success of the technology in the racing industry and a high level of interest from key players in the transport industry, the shock absorbers were further developed to suit the requirements of heavy vehicles and sold at full capacity to a niche market of passionate owner drivers and small transportation companies.

Word of mouth is what drove the sales of our products

Built from a backyard workshop in Shepparton and later in Queensland, the customer base continued to grow despite little marketing investment.  The key contributor to the product’s early success was word of mouth, with the unique design and durability of the shocks the main talking point for customers.

Manufacturing experience leads to the development of a wide range of 4WD off road products

After success in the suspension and shock arena, as well as huge experience in manufacturing and assembly, Redroo branched out to outfitting ute’s with high quality trays and accessories, along with winches and a range of other high quality off road gear and vehicle modifications.

Redroo Offroad provides the following products and services to customers in Australia and internationally:

We love getting out bush and off the beaten track - there's nothing better

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