Redroo Offroad Cab Height Full Rack System

Got a rear ladder rack? why not add this full rack system to reinforce the front and rear rack and make it into a platform.

  • SUPER heavy-duty patented aluminum profile by GT works for longitudinal and crossbars

  • Crossbars can be positioned anywhere longitudinally to accommodate different lengths of the materials

  • Excellent platform to put 4WD/Camping gear on top, side awning, rooftop tent, etc.

  • The aluminum profile has an in-built track that allows you to mount the market accessories on it, bike rack, kayak rack, etc.

  • Additional crossbars can be purchased and added on to accommodate different lengths of goods and provide extra support

  • Dual Cab / King Cab: 2 Longitidunal Bars & 2 Across bars

  • OAAS0118-Single Cab: 2 Longitidunal Bars & 3 Across bars

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