Carbon Offroad Expandable Winch Recovery Kit in Storage bag

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The Carbon Offroad Winch Recovery Kit is the best way to start your recovery gear collection especially when purchasing a winch for the first time, it’s vital that you have the basic recovery items to safely perform winch recovery. We have figured that aside from just having the basic winch recovery gear to connect to an anchor point safely and perform a double line pull, you might also want to add other tow recovery items like snatch straps and give you more options for winch recoveries by adding a winch extension strap at the same time of purchase or later down the track. The items are available for purchase seperately on the website

Our winch recovery bag includes dedicated spots inside the main compartment for these additional essential items, we also offer two fold out storage pockets on the outside of the bag with space to add your Carbon Winch tyre deflator and tool holders to organise other items you may require like pocket knives, multi-tools, shifters, small hammers and other items that come in handy during a recovery. We hope you like this kit, and we also value feedback, so if you think we can make it better, let us know via our contact page.

The kit includes:

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