Nissan D22 Navara Hidden Winch Cradle mount

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Designed to suit the Nissan D22 Navara with a genuine alloy bullbar.

Our winch cradle solves the problem facing many Navara owners.

Until now you couldn’t put an electric winch into your Nissan D22 Navara fitted with a genuine alloy bullbar as there wasn’t a winch mounting plate available.

With our customers in mind, we developed this cradle to solve the problem.

Made to suit 99% of winches on the market.
(including Chinese copies)

When designing this winch cradle compatibility was a key requirement.

That’s why we employed the Warn Winch mounting footprint. Warn has become the industry standard for electric winches and as a result most other manufacturers have copied their mounting specifications.

Roller or Hawse fairlead compatible.

Whether you’re running synthetic rope or steel cable we have you covered. Once again we utilised the industry standard for the fairlead mounting so both roller and hawse fairleads will fit.

Built to last!
Made from 6mm cold rolled mild steel they are strong, VERY STRONG!

Not only that, they come finished in a gloss black powder coat finish to ensure it stays looking good for years.

Don’t spend $1000’s of dollars to change your bullbar
There is no need to change to a steel bullbar just to fit a winch. At a fraction of the cost to replace your bullbar you can achieve the same result using our winch cradle.

Reduced vehicle weight

By removing the need to install a heavy steel bulbar you reduce the weight over the front axle. The effect of this is;

The decrease in fuel consumption.
No need to upgrade the front suspension.
Reduce tire wear.
Increase vehicle carrying capacity.

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